Transforming Student Safety with MyFlare Alert™

Empowering College Communities: Safety Meets Innovation

College life is a vibrant blend of academic pursuit and social involvement. Yet, concerns over personal safety can overshadow this experience, creating anxiety for students and faculty alike. MyFlare Alert™ emerges as a beacon of safety, introducing a scalable, hyper-localized system designed to foster a secure campus environment.

The Essence of MyFlare Alert™

According to Paul Gaylie, CTO of PortNexus, “Activating MyFlare Alert™ is as simple as pressing the big Flare button. From there, the system takes over, executing pre-set instructions based on your location to deliver the precise help you need, directly to you.”

MyFlare Alert™ is more than an app; it’s a mobile guardian. It adapts to the safety protocols of your current environment and personal safety preferences when you’re beyond the reach of protected zones.

From students to the elderly, and professionals like security

Core Features

Direct Connection to First Responders

Activating a Flare transforms your phone into a sensory tool, providing first responders with essential situational awareness and enabling effective response strategies.

Personalized Crisis Management

In Personal Mode, customize your safety plan, including up to 5 safety contacts for ongoing communication and location tracking, along with the 'Angel Shot' feature for immediate virtual support in distressing situations.

GatheredSafe Zone™ Integration

Establishes predefined safety zones, each with a tailored crisis response plan, enhancing the efficacy of Digital Flares within these areas.

The Wall Alarm is not just an ordinary alarm

Advanced Safety Solutions

Special Active Shooter System

MyFlare Alert™ includes specialized protocols for managing active shooter situations discreetly and effectively. By ensuring the user's device remains silent and unnoticed, it significantly enhances safety while providing first responders with live audio and visual access through the user's smartphone, facilitating a rapid and informed response.

SightDesk™ First Responders Portal

A pivotal feature that establishes a direct visual and audio link with the individual in distress. SightDesk™ allows first responders to gain immediate situational awareness, offering a real-time heatmap of all users and the ability to access medical and personal information of the individual who triggered the Flare. This comprehensive approach ensures a swift, coordinated emergency response.

Traditional vs. Modern Safety Solutions

The shift from Blue Light Phones and Panic Buttons to MyFlare Alert™ signifies a leap forward in campus safety technology, providing a mobile and more responsive solution for today’s dynamic campus environments.

The shift from Blue Light Phones and Panic Buttons to MyFlare Alert™
Specialized Crisis Management

MyFlare Alert™'s innovative approach extends to specialized crises, such as active shooter scenarios, equipping users and first responders with advanced tools for enhanced safety and communication.

MyFlare Alert™: A Pledge to Campus Safety

In the quest to protect educational institutions and our way of life, MyFlare Alert™ represents a forward-thinking solution to campus safety. Embrace the future of student safety with MyFlare Alert™, ensuring every member of the campus community can focus on what truly matters: education and personal growth.