Realtor Safety

Realtor Abby revolutionizes safety in Real Estate with Flare Alert

“Hello! I’m Abby, a dedicated realtor on a mission to find the perfect homes for my clients. While my work is my passion, there are times when the solitude of being alone in a property brings a wave of unease. This is when I turn to Flare Alert for peace of mind.

With just a discreet tap on my smartwatch or smartphone, my safety support team immediately gains visual and auditory insight into my environment. They can directly communicate with me, ensuring that help is on its way, if necessary, without me needing to take further action.

Flare Alert empowers me to confidently engage with new clients and conduct property viewings, reassured by the constant, invisible companion of security it provides.”

Discover how it works in this brief video.

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This system allows me to confidently meet new clients and conduct viewings, secure in the knowledge that I’m never truly alone.

Watch the above short video to see how it works in detail.