Community Safety with MyFlare Alert™

In a GatheredSafe Zone™, a Flare does more: it triggers the specific safety measures of your current location, ensuring a swift and coordinated response to bring security directly to you.

MyFlare automates the following actions in both Personal and GatheredSafe mode when you send a Flare


Calls 911 or another predetermined emergency contact.


Notifies your emergency contacts that you need help via text and Email.


Every three minutes, provides your emergency contacts with your current GPS Location.


Periodically records audio & video clips of your present environment.


Blasts a loud siren to signal that you need help.


Allows you to report incidents with an image, call, or text.

In GatheredSafe Zone™ mode, With MyFlare Alert™, everyone in the community contributes to creating a safety zone for all, fostering a united, secure environment for everyone’s protection.

How it works: As users move throughout the community

Their mobile device automatically detects and adopts the pre-established safety plans for the area, created by entities such as college campuses, places of worship, bars, restaurants, or even outdoor events like art fairs, concerts and sporting events. This seamless integration ensures a higher level of safety for everyone in the vicinity and as you leave your local community, MyFlare will move with you and localize your safety to the new environment automatically.

Their mobile device automatically detects and adopts the pre-established safety

Whoever you are and wherever you are in the community, MyFlare Alert™ increases safety for everyone.

One very special safety system called AngelShot, starts a controlled video conference to bring another person into the situation remotely. that can see, hear, and verbally interact to increase comfort and safety when you need it.

AngelShot brings another person into the situation.

Launch an emergency video call with your safety buddy for immediate support during unsafe situations. The safety buddy can intervene, making attackers aware they're being watched, potentially deterring aggression. The system can also activate sirens and lights to disorient a threat and automatically alerts first responders, sharing critical details to hasten assistance.