College administration with MyFlare Alert™

MyFlare Alert™ is the Better Solution for Campus and Student Safety. Our Wall Alarm replaces the outdated Blue Phone enabling for increased efficiency when there is a crisis like an Active Shooter and an app for all to use on their devices that is far smarter and effective than a Blue Phone or simple Panic Button.

Empowering Campus Security: MyFlare Alert™

MyFlare Alert™ enhances campus safety by providing a comprehensive, hyper-localized safety system. This app adapts to each user, integrating with local protocols and personal safety plans, ensuring peace of mind for students and faculty both on and off campus.

Staff & Student Safety Optimized

Alone and need help?

For situations where individuals are feeling uncomfortable such as walking back to their dorm alone, a special Flare called - Angel Shot is like having a safety wingman right in their pocket. When this Flare is used, it brings their safety buddy virtually to their side when needed most. Tap here to learn more about Angel Shot.

With others in a protected aera?

GatheredSafe Zone™ establishes safety zones for each protected area. Each participating facility or venue pre-plans its crisis action response based on these areas. It defines what will happen if a user sets off a Digital Flare, using the MyFlare Alert™ app on their phone or other devices while within the perimeter of the safety zone. These zones are known as (GatheredSafe Zone™).

The Wall Alarm feature instantly links your school with local

MyFlare Alert™ Modernizing Student Safety

Download it now and set up your personal crisis plan so that when you need help, all you have to do is hit the button and the right help will be on the way.

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