Crisis management with MyFlare Alert™

Instant, situational visibility for first responders: gaining insights anywhere, anytime. See it in action with a live drill.

Ask about the special mobile app for first responders on the ground

For the Heroes who rush in, MyFlare Alert™ supports these heroes by offering additional visibility of the active site and a safe communication channel with users in and around the event.

MyFlare transforms the smartphone of the person signaling for help into a comprehensive situational awareness device, utilizing the phone’s camera and microphone to provide first responders with a live view and audio of the situation from the user’s perspective. It also enables safe and secure collaboration with the person seeking assistance to gather crucial information and guide the situation.

With MyFlare Alert™ the responders can

Identify by role each person who is displayed on a heat map of all users.

Initiate direct, controlled access to the requester’s smart phone to use it to see and hear and safely communicate with the requester

Zoom out from this single user and identify and initiate conversations with nearby authority and security personnel safely to guide the room to safety and get a full read on the situation

Stop Mistakes by controlling the users device

When a user activates an Active Shooter Flare. MyFlare Alert™ helps to keep the user safe from being detected by:

• Locking the device of the user that activated the Active shooter slide
• Muting the sound coming out of the device and based on the rules of the organization
• Establish safe and controlled communication with First Responder
• Can delay calls from going out so the First Responder can reach the users

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