First Responders

For the Heros that rush in

MyFlare Alert™: Dedicated to First Responders

At MyFlare Alert™, our commitment is to empower first responders with critical, actionable information for enhanced safety and effective situation management. We encourage you to watch our demonstration video to discover how My Flare Alert can support you in times of need. For further details and to ensure secure information sharing, please complete the provided form. Your service and dedication are invaluable, and we thank you for being the everyday heroes in our communities.

Starting February 2024, we are honored to offer a series of exclusive seminars tailored specifically for first responders. These seminars are conducted by experienced peers who have faced active shooter situations firsthand. Our inaugural session will be led by Detective Dan Jewis, who was the responding detective during the Sandy Hook incident.

These online seminars will cater to various specialized groups, beginning with School Resource Officers (SROs). Our goal is to provide these courses free of charge, focusing on equipping you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your safety and effectiveness in the most challenging scenarios.

Safety Optimized

Create Full Situational Awareness

Use the responders phone to see and hear live what is happening and interact with them.

Establishes Command Center

SightDesk creates the full picture, and optimizes what you see based on the device you are on. Phone? live map, and S.A. - PC - this and see the rest of the teams location.

One Voice from Command Managing Cross Teams

Once Command is established with SightDesk, this controls the conversation over your normal dispatch channels for continuity of updated information for the team.

” when the time comes the only measurement will be how fast you got to the shooter and how many lives were saved “.  MyFlare Alert™ is designed to help you in these difficult times.

Daniel Jewiss

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