Home Healthcare Workers

MyFlare Alert™ Special Home Healthcare Worker System

Introducing MyFlare Alert™: Transforming Home Healthcare With The Device You Already Own.

Wether you are a part of a large organization or a single practionier, See how MyFlare Alert™ integrates into your life to keep you safer, more productive and informed.

To Home Healthcare Workers:  Start each workday with confidence, knowing MyFlare Alert™ is your personal guardian angel. This advanced system, which works seamlessly on your smartphone, alerts a remote safety team in high-risk situations, effectively turning your existing device into a comprehensive monitoring tool. With the innovative Angel Shot feature, gain instant access to telemedicine support and expert advice when it’s crucial. As you approach your patients, be prepared with essential insights delivered directly to your phone. And with our straightforward check-in/out system, your work hours are logged effortlessly. MyFlare Alert™ is more than a tool; it’s an extension of your commitment to providing safe, exceptional care, utilizing the smartphone you already have.

To Home Healthcare Companies:  MyFlare Alert™ elevates the standard of care your team provides, and it does so using the smartphones they already carry. No need for additional equipment or investment; just download the app and set it up. Our system ensures the safety of your staff in emergency situations through automated alerts and real-time monitoring. Extend your support to field workers with our telemedicine capabilities, and streamline documentation with geo-location notes and efficient time tracking. Choosing MyFlare Alert™ is choosing a smarter, safer future for your team and clients.

Join the MyFlare Alert™ revolution:   a new era in home healthcare where your existing smartphone becomes your most powerful tool. It’s not just an app; it’s a pledge to safety, efficiency, and quality care. Embrace the future of home healthcare with MyFlare Alert™, starting with the device in your hand. Contact us to learn more and begin your free trial today.

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