Rideshare Employee

When you need help, its just a button away.

“I absolutely love what I do. Every day, I have the privilege of meeting new people and safely transporting them to their destinations. But there are moments when the unexpected happens – perhaps a passenger faces a sudden health issue, or we find ourselves in a precarious situation. That’s where MyFlare Alert™ steps in. With just a simple tap on my smartwatch, I can instantly summon the right kind of assistance we need, swiftly and without further ado.

This peace of mind lets me focus on what I love most about my job: connecting with and ensuring the well-being of my passengers.”

Safety Optimized

Preparedness at the Press of a Button
MyFlare Alert™ offers peace of mind with a swift, predefined response as soon as the help button is pressed. Your team is on alert and now in charge to help you

Your team can see and hear what is happening within seconds and able to assist and bring in the right help to you has needed.

Join the MyFlare Alert™ revolution:   a new era in safety where your existing smartphone becomes your most powerful tool. It’s not just an app; Embrace the future of safe Lone Workers with MyFlare Alert™ and never really be alone when you need help.

This system allows me to confidently do my job and be secure in the knowledge that I’m never truly alone.
Watch the above short video to see how it works in detail.

Send a Flare with the tap on the phone or Watch and the right responder is on their way.

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