MyFlare Alert™: Your Safety Partner

Ensuring Your Safety with MyFlare Alert™

MyFlare Alert™ serves as your virtual beacon in emergencies, offering Personal Mode for individual security and GatheredSafe Zone Mode for collective safety. Here’s how these features work to protect you and how you can engage with them:

Personal Mode: Stay Connected, Stay Safe

With Personal Mode, leverage MyFlare Alert™ to instantly connect with up to five trusted contacts, sharing your live location and situation through comprehensive updates — texts, emails, photos, and videos.

Capture the Moment: Audio & Video Evidence

How to Use Personal Mode:

Configure Your Safety Circle: Choose up to five contacts.
Set Up Angel Shot Flare: Enable live video and audio for real-time assistance.
Customize Your Alerts: Tailor notification frequency and types.

Highlighted Features:

Angel Shot Feature:

Offers live audio and video connection for immediate support.

Customizable Alerts

Decide how the app shares your situation with your contacts.

GatheredSafe Zone Mode: Collective Safety at Your Fingertips

Enhance community safety by automatically aligning with local safety protocols in designated zones, strengthening the safety net for everyone in the vicinity.

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How to Engage with GatheredSafe Zone Mode:

Activate GatheredSafe Zone Mode on your app.
Automatic Zone Detection: Recognizes and adopts the area's safety plans.
Navigate to Safe Zones: Guides to the nearest safe zones, adapting during high-threat scenarios.

Features for Enhanced Safety:

Zone Recognition:

Displays the current safety zone you're in.

Safe Zone Navigation:

Directs you to the nearest safe zones with straightforward navigation.

Comprehensive Safety Solutions Across Modes

MyFlare Alert™ combines various safety features for both Personal and GatheredSafe Zone modes to offer a robust safety net:

We invite you to discover the MyFlare Alert™ advantage firsthand. Learn more about our Active Shooter

Utilizing Safety Features:

Immediate Alert System

Sends alerts with your location to your contacts and optionally to 911.

Continuous Monitoring

Keeps your contacts updated with your real-time location and optional audio-video clips.

Activate the Audible Alarm

Use the siren feature to attract attention or deter threats.

By following these steps, you can maximize the safety features offered by MyFlare Alert™, keeping you and your community safer in any situation. Remember, setting up and familiarizing yourself with these features in advance can make a significant difference in an emergency.