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Safer Events

Anywhere people gather, indoors and outside.

MyFlare Alert Safer Events revolutionizes the way we gather, infusing every event with an additional sprinkle of reassurance.

Beyond enhancing existing security measures, it provides a direct connection for instant assistance, enriching your peace of mind so you can fully enjoy the moments that matter most. MyFlare Alert is our commitment to weaving a deeper layer of care into our events, ensuring you can relish every second with confidence and comfort. It’s not merely about safety; it’s about elevating your event experience to new heights, making every celebration safer and more connected.

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Whether you’re at home, on the move, or exploring new places, MyFlare Alert keeps you connected and secure. Start your journey towards a safer, more confident lifestyle today.

Event Coordinators

We're excited to extend MyFlare Alert beyond our event, offering it to you for 30 days at no cost.

It’s our way of enhancing your peace of mind every day. Discover how MyFlare can be a part of your daily safety routine, all for free. Experience a new level of comfort and security with MyFlare Alert by your side.

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