How it Works 2

When you send a Flare

Faster than you can dial a number, send a text or start a video call, MyFlare Alert™ does it all bringing the right responder to you when you need it.

When you're alone and feeling unsafe, just one tap on your watch

When you are alone and not in a GatheredSafe Zone™

When you’re alone and feeling unsafe, just one tap on your watch or a button press on your phone activates MyFlare Alert™. This action implements your pre-established crisis plan, sends out your location, photos, and video to your emergency contacts, and initiates a live video call for immediate, personalized assistance. This feature is called Angel Shot see below for more details on its unique use to bring you comfort and safety.

Angel Shot brings another person into the situation to keep you comfortable and increase your safety.

With Angel Shot you are not alone.

Maybe a friendly face when you are not feeling comfortable enabled to help you and keep you company.

Walking alone and wishing for someone to accompany you? Angel Shot connects you to your safety buddy with a two-way video conference, enhancing your security. They can virtually follow you on a map and, if necessary, escalate the situation to first responders, ensuring you're never truly alone

There are numerous applications for the Angel Shot Flare

Such as deterring stalkers, sharing your situation during extreme weather events like hurricanes, and keeping your trusted contacts informed. walking alone at night on campus and just want your safety buddy to walk with you as an idea

The live location feature

Enables your safety buddy to monitor your journey virtually walking and talking with you until you reach safety. They can also promote the situation to 911 with information to bring the right responder quickly to your aid.

MyFlare Alert™ is for everyone and every situation

See Below how others just like you are using MyFlare Alert for peace of mind

Ensure the independent spirits of our aging parents shine brightly with MyFlare Alert™, their steadfast companion in embracing life’s adventures. The simple, swift setup of a personalized pre-crisis plan offers an unwavering peace of mind. With MyFlare Alert™, we are comforted by the knowledge that should the need arise, the appropriate assistance is just a moment away, safeguarding their autonomy while providing the safety net they deserve.

For Ride-Share Drivers: MyFlare Alert™ ensures that as a ride-share driver, you’re never alone on the road. Instantly alert authorities in the event of a breakdown, a safety threat from a passenger, or any other road emergency. Your location and live video can be shared in moments, ensuring help arrives fast when it matters most.

For Realtors: Realtors often find themselves alone in unfamiliar properties or meeting with strangers. MyFlare acts as your silent sentinel, offering discreet, immediate assistance at the touch of a button. Whether it’s a suspicious situation or a personal emergency, MyFlare connects you to the help you need.

For Everyone: Whether you’re at home

For Everyone: Whether you’re at home, work, or on the move, MyFlare empowers you to create the security you can trust for yourself and your family. It’s not just a product—it’s a promise that in the face of danger, you won’t be alone. Embrace the technology that’s there for you and your community when it matters most, tailored to your needs with each flare you send.

For Parents and Schools: The safety of our children at school is paramount. MyFlare’s Early Warning System provides a critical communication link to law enforcement during the most frightening scenarios, like an active shooter incident. It creates situational awareness that can save precious minutes, and ultimately, lives.

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For Parents and Schools

Whatever the situation or event, MyFlare Alert™ is there to bring the right help to you when you or someone else around you needs it